Nike Air Woven Multi-Color Sneakers available in different striking colors

Hundreds of Nike designs have been featured here. We know there will be no end and every week, more will just be added to the long list of sneakers you want to buy from Nike.

You may be smarter this year when it comes to shopping but we’re certain you can’t and won’t resist this pair. It’s another iteration of a classic silhouette popularized in the early 2000s by Nike. Remember the Nike Air Woven? It’s back in multi-colors. 

Classic Silhouette in Different Colors

Nike Air Woven Multi-Color Shoes

The Nike Air Woven Multi-Color is a new instalment to the series. It’s perfect for Summer with the different colors of the basket weave-style pattern. 

The hues are based on Stone Orange with some touch of Indigo Burst. Above the tongues and the heel pieces appear to be some suede pieces in Fossil color plus other woven elements and the orange Swoosh.

Nike Air Woven Multi-Color Design

Nike Air Woven Multi-Color Shoes Design

The midsoles are off-white, achieving a cleaner look with the AIR branding. The treading of the sole is in two tones of beige to complete the look.

The Nike Air Woven Multi-Color will be sold for $160. No exact market launch has been mentioned but definitely it will be this year.  Check out for related information.