Nike and RTFKT release customizable virtual Dunks for the metaverse

A sneaker wearing Nike and RTFKT branding was a long time coming. You’d know it if you’ve been following the Swoosh brand and its updates religiously.

Nike joined forces with RTFKT (pronounced artifact) back in December last year, and since a unique line of digital sneakers has always been on the cards. The first fruit of the acquisition is just out and its metaverse bound, right of the blocks.

The NFT kick

The digital pair of RTFKT Nike Dunk Genesis is part of Nike CryptoKicks. It’s the first virtual silhouette that appears to arrive with a chameleon touch and presents itself as a futuristic, wearable kick when you’re in the metaverse.

The NFT sneakers – based on the iconic Nike Dunk – is completely customizable; it comes with eight RTFKT skin vials that allow the kicks to alter their looks to suit your avatar.

More digi-drops

Each type of skin can be applied to the virtual pair of shoes by simply swapping the vial designed by RTFKT designers and collaborators. It instantly changes the sneaker’s look. The project is expected to feature more custom skin vials in the coming days. 

But that’s not it! Nike CryptoKicks which allow you to swap the look to preference is only the first artifact in the long list of digital products on the horizon from the ARFKT and Nike unification. A range of other products is likely to be revealed in the coming months.