Nike drops retro-inspired corduroy golf shoes with Kiltie ahead of the Masters

The 84th edition of the Masters Tournament is finally going to tee off from November 12. Well in time for the classic event, Nike has brought forth some interesting golf shoes with a retro appearance and very 2020 technology.

Nike’s new limited edition collection, reviving its popular golf shoes, will be available for the general public a day before the Masters starts. These popular shoes for the greens include Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour, Air Max 97G, Rosche G Tour, Air Zoom Victory Tour, and Jordan V Low G.

The uniqueness

All these new golf shoe designs feature a corduroy fabric and have a very interesting throwback – the leather fringe flap on the laces – called “Kiltie.” If you’ve seen golf shoes travel through time, you will remember footwear with Kiltie from yesteryears.

In addition to the fringe flap and colorful corduroy fabric, which is contoured based on the ups and downs of the game of golf, these new silhouettes also have secrete “Rather Lucky Than Good” message included in the bottom.

The wonderful essence

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour, the dress shoe originally featuring the fringed flap, is also the highlight of this new limited edition collection. But what is more exciting is seeing the Kiltie on the Air Max 97 G, which when lifted up reveals words “Good Luck” on the reserve side. 

This “Rather Lucky Than Good” collection is now available for anyone with Nike Membership. These golf shoes will be available to general public starting November 11 in the price range of $130 to $200.