Nike SB Dunk High Todd Bratrud Strawberry Cough images surface before 4/20

Nike’s next pair is a familiar silhouette. The top sports shoe brand has once again teamed up with American artist and illustrator Todd Bratrud to make a special design of the Nike SB Dunk High.

This version of the familiar shoe line is called ‘Strawberry Cough’ for obvious reasons. At first glance, it may remind you of the popular 80’s cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake but it’s not. It’s just a new colorway that combines red, green, and pink—like a strawberry.

Strawberry Cough Nike SB Dunk High for Weed Day

The Strawberry Nike SB Dunk High has been designed for the upcoming 4/20 celebrations. Not many people know this but Strawberry Cough is a special strain of marijuana.

The design is a nice play of the name. The whole body is a red leather base with tiny specks you find in a strawberry. There is the green suede overlay that illustrates the green part of a strawberry—the calyx. The green suede swoosh appears to be the bud.

The insoles are printed with a cartoon of a coughing strawberry on a pink background. Notice the red eyes of the strawberry. (Is it high already? Maybe. Maybe not.)

The red laces complete the look but the translucent sole makes the shoes look more put together. The pair appears fun and alive but you’d have to be bold enough to wear something this red and loud.

Yet Another Nike Collab

Todd Bratrud has already worked with Nike in the past. The artist already came up with other 4/20 sneakers for the Nike SB line. He is the same guy who worked on the “White Widow” SB Dunk Mid and “Skunk” Dunks”.

Nike hasn’t made any official announcement or press release yet. Of course, we can expect its launch will happen just before April 20.