Nintendo Game & Watch handheld console re-launched after four decades

When Game & Watch console was released back in 1980, it was a big deal. At that time the handheld console had monochrome screen and each console that could only use one single game.

It was manufactured for 11 straight years in succession, selling like hotcakes. After putting out a series of 59 games, the classic console finally gave way to Nintendo Game Boy.

Nostalgia of the classic console

To celebrate Mario’s 35 anniversary, Nintendo has brought back the nostalgic console to revive the sweet memories that everyone can associate with. The handheld console has colored screen this time around and is understandably selling like anything, yet again! 

The pocket-sized gaming console was the first one to come with the + directional pad, announcing the era of handheld gaming. Nintendo has had a knack of re-releasing popular consoles from the past like the classic versions of the NES and Super Nintendo paired with the original games and controllers.

Nintendo Game & Watch will have the iconic Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and a Mario-styled version of the Ball. Also, you can enjoy the remixed version of the classic Game & Watch title, released initially for the console. For a classic twist, the pocket console will have a Super Mario-themed digital clock and working alarm. Now, is that cool or what!

Retro design amalgamated with modern take

Game & Watch this time around will have the NES like A and B button layout for Mario Bros. controls, while the overall look is pretty much the same. The LCD screen handheld console will have USB-C charging port and on single charge it will last for around eight hours.

This year is also the 40th anniversary of the Game & Watch and it will go on sale on November 13 in limited numbers, right in time for the holiday season. It will be priced at $49.99 and boy will it go off the shelves, we bet!