24k gold Nintendo Wii made for Queen Elizabeth II is up for grabs

Attention gamers and collectors. Here is something that is bound to tickle your lust. A pure gold Nintendo Wii is up for sale; what makes the sale interesting is the history this device flaunts. Well, in 2009, THQ made the console for the Queen of England.

This particular Nintendo Wii is made from 24 karat gold. The device has been in possession of Donny from consolevariations.com, who boasts of having secretly held it until 2019 when it was tracked down by producers of “People Make Games” YouTube Channel and the golden Nintendo Wii was revealed to the world.

The sale

Donny is now selling this gold Wii console meant for Queen Elizabeth II on eBay. THQ had created this expensive console for the Queen of England in order to promote its Big Family Games (Wii). After 12 odd years of its creation, the gilded game console is on the market.

Reportedly, Donny purchased the Wii console back in 2017 and is now parting ways with it. The golden Wii is all bling and nothing really special on the inside. It’s the regular console that is in working condition, with THQ as its user name. It comes with a copy of Big Family Games and is on the 3.2E firmware.

Moving on

In an interview recently, Donny informed, he is the “type (of person) who is attached to things in a way,” he is selling the precious game console with the idea to “move on in life” he said. A documentary highlighting the console is expected to be announced later this year.

The purchaser will be provided all the sporting documentation for authenticity and more and will be delivered to the doorstep in special packaging. Keeping it simple and affordable for other collectors/fans, Donny has priced the 24K gold Nintendo Wii for $300,000.