Safety shaving razors for the man of substance

Ever since safety razors first burst into the scene in 1903, they’ve been the choice of real men who like the closest shave possible without those ugly cuts. Over time multi-blade cartridges have taken a chunk of the shaving market, but still, ask the grooming expert out there and the common consensus is in favor of the good old safety razors. 

Men who have always preferred safety blades. or ones who want to make the logical shift from multi-bladed counterparts, there are tons of options. So, which ones are the best that you should go for? We’ve made the task easy for you – the best five safety razors that you can buy right away for the smoothest shave a man can get.

WEISHI safety razor

A good razor needs to have the right balance while holding and the WEISHI safety razor is the one with that assurance. Hand-crafted from high-quality materials with the grip giving you the assurance of control as you glide the blade on your face, this double edge safety razor is tailor-made for users who like classic things, as well as ones who prefer modern design. The razor is well-suited for men who have used safety razors in the past and want something classic that’ll last them at least couple of years. 

Merkur MK34c

People who prefer a slimmer profile for a safety razor should go for the Merkur MK34c without giving a second thought. The razor has one of the finest blade angle and alignment for a close shave without much effort. You can be good to go with just one pass with this razor, a second pass will make you go as smooth as a hard-boiled egg. This one is recommended for users who are trying a safety razor for the first time.   

Parker 96R

If you want to go for a safety razor brand that’s maintained its quality standards for more than four decades, the Parker 96C is the one to choose blindfolded. The razor has a solid brass frame with texture on the handle for a superior grip. The contrasting black color of the blade handle and the classic look makes it hard to deny a blade from a safety razor brand like Parker. The weight distribution and the overall balance of the razor is remarkable – giving the user flexibility when it comes to the closest shave ever possible.

MÜHLE Chrome safety razor

The chrome plated MÜHLE safety razor is the one to choose if you like a thick handle that has slightly abrasive surface. Somewhere in between the WEISHI and the Merkur MK34c, the razor wins on the pure build quality. This one is a bit aggressive so you do need to go a bit easy while applying pressure, but once you get the hang of it the razor will be your favorite for years to come. The premium chrome finish will make you come back to this razor every time you want to try some other brand, that’s for sure. 

Vikings Blade the Chieftain

A time-tested safety razor that has a medium aggression glide strength – the Chieftain promises excellent shave every single time. It was Vikings Blade who originally patented this very design, as others followed suite. Having a very Nordic god like feel, the razor is draped in shiny chrome and high-end materials for men who settle for nothing less than the best. Use the Chieftain with the best quality blades and you’ll never want to try any other option, no matter how good it may be. 

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  • Ashley Riddell
    Posted June 7, 2021 1:28 am 0Likes

    The MÜHLE R89 which you have pictured, is identical in its level of “aggression” to the Merkur 34C, which is to say, very mild and forgiving. They are both recommended as ideal for anyone new to safety razor shaving, and its head design is one of the most copied in the industry.

    You might be thinking of the MÜHLE R41 which has an “open comb” design, suitable for the more experienced user. That one is recognised as the best first choice for someone with coarse, thick growth looking to move a more aggressive piece of hardware. Definitely not recommended for a first timer!

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