NOA’s Floris is collection of modern treehouse suites at Parc Hotel Florian

Italian studio Network of Architecture (NOA) has recently completed extension to the Parc Hotel Florian in an Alpine village in South Tyrol. The newly built Floris is a collection of modern treehouse suites, comprising ten gabled guest rooms raised on stilts to preserve access to the scenic grounds. The suites are built in a stand-alone building, which connects to the existing edifice.

The strategy to extend the building structure on stilts limits the disruption to the land while providing a sense of continuity and a fresh perspective with a unique architectural characteristic. The idea was to separate the Floris expansion from the existing hotel in order to leave the ground unscathed and lessen the footprint of the construction.

New Floris extension

The gabled houses are elevated nearly three-meters from the ground. Avoiding a row of attached rooms, the designing team organized a group of intimate, self-contained treehouses. The suites are stacked to create a two-story structure with five rooms on each level.

The front of these suites is clad in green while the remaining exterior is enveloped in weathered timber, allowing it to flawlessly blend in with the surrounding landscape. A corridor at the back of the extension allows access to the suites. There is a terrace between each suite, which is fitted with a hammock to lounge in the scenery.

Elegant interiors

The Floris suites follow an open floor plan and feature a bedroom, bathroom, sitting area, and private sauna in the moody space. The living room opens onto a sheltered balcony, while the bedroom and sauna room are lined with glass to provide views of the park. Only the toilet and bidet are enclosed in a self-contained unit. Each suite comprises a tile-covered vanity unit complete with a sink and mirror that can also be used as a desk. This detached unit divides the bathroom from the living area.

Glazed walls with sliding doors connect the internal and external spaces and allow the occupants to enjoy the pristine views of the park and the mountains in the distance. Open-air patios between the bedroom and sauna accommodate hot tubs for the guests to relax in while enjoying the vistas.  

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  • Darla Reese
    Posted January 21, 2021 2:33 pm 0Likes

    This is one of the most awesome things I have seen in a long time! What a truly beautiful and tranquil place to go during this time in life. Where are these located and are they for a vacation spot? Very nice and serene!

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