North Face NSE Expedition Collection is dream come true for winter adventurers

Commemorating Sally McCoy’s attempt to become the first American woman to climb Mount Everest in 1987, North Face has launched the “NSE Expedition” collection. This spans a short assortment of warm outerwear comprising lively colors, graphics and hi-tech materials.

All items in the collection are designed to concurrently provide the ultimate outdoor protection and preserve the mountains for the next generation of explorers. The first assortment of North Face’s “NSE Expedition” capsule is presently available on the brand’s website for £220 GBP (approx. $293).

NSE Expedition Collection

The NSE Expedition System Capsule is designed to support the thirst to explore while enduring the rough terrain and extreme weather conditions. The two main color choices are orange and dark blue, both paired with contrasting black features.

The collection offers perfect clothing for winter adventure enthusiasts as it includes warm and cozy clothing articles such as quilted puffer jackets and trousers, long-sleeves, fleece zip-ups and insulated parkas.

There is one significant navy blue parka, which is heavily padded and features a sturdy built with exteriors made of nylon and a couple of pockets to hold your stuff in or keep your hands warm. The garment has an embroidered “The North Face” logo woven over a black panel near the left shoulder.

Commemorating ascent ’87

Besides, there is an arm patch branded with “Sagarmatha” and “Himalayas” as an appreciation to the neighboring regions of Mount Everest. The same patch is also attached to all other pieces in the capsule, such as the padded trousers and fleece zip-ups, and also references other peaks like “Lhotse.” All articles in the collection are crafted with 100 percent recycled fabric.

This assortment has been launched in commemoration of North Face’s Director of Equipment, Sally McCoy’s Everest quest. Although the pursuit was not successful owing to the extreme weather conditions up at Mount Everest, McCoy’s adventure became an inspiration for the production of some of North Face’s most iconic clothing pieces, including Lhotse, Pumori, Sagarmatha, and much more.