Novitec Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD wears lots of carbon fiber

Novitec has been making performance parts and accessories for various exotic sports cars for a long time. The company’s latest offering includes several styling and performance parts for the Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD. Novitec is offering custom-made naked-carbon components for the Lamborghini car to give it more style and improve aerodynamics.

Also available from the company are special 21-inch wheels designed with Vossen that replace the standard 19-inch wheels the car comes from the factory on. Novitec also offers improvements for the suspension with sports springs or a coilover suspension system with adjustable ride height and damping. The heart of the Lamborghini is a V10 engine, and Novitec offers a high-performance exhaust system for the car made of various materials, including extremely lightweight INCONEL.

The exhaust system components can also be optionally coated in 999 fine gold plating to help improve heat dissipation. Huracan Evo cars come from the factory with a different front bumper than other models in the line. One of the components offered is a naked-carbon front spoiler that attaches to the lower part of the fascia. The car can also be fitted with an additional spoiler above the center section and carbon fiber flaps to help reduce lift. A special trunk lid is available with slits integrated left and right to route air through the duct integrated in the hood and produce more downforce.

The hood shown in the images here is available, but an optional naked-carbon hood with larger air intakes is offered as well. Novitec naked-carbon rocker panels make the Lamborghini look lower than it is and improves cooling to the rear brakes via integrated air intakes. For buyers who chose their Lamborghini from the factory with the glass hood option, upgraded air intakes on the left and right airbox can optimize airflow into the engine bay. Pricing information isn’t offered for any of the components.