‘O-Boy’ trendy watch lets you enjoy the outdoors without having to trade off your safety

Adventure seekers are often stuck up in situations where they may have to send out a rescue or evacuation message to their peers/rescuers. There are many devices that can help in precarious situations but what if you’re stranded in a no-network zone?

As a tailor-made solution; O-Boy, a satellite-connected rescue wristwatch has just landed on Kickstarter for preorder. Designed and developed by Hadrein Dorchy of Belgium, the watch is a result of a real-life event where Hadrein was unable to reach out for help when he was stranded in deep waters after a windsurfing accident.

The O-Boy

The watch as a standalone unit has a digital display to tell time. The dial, with white Arabic numerals on grayish outer periphery and a small back with minute and hours hands, is protected by a Gorilla Glass screen. The dial is the least interesting part of the watch anyway.

The O-Bay can communicate with your contacts and rescue support in two ways, which makes this wearable stand out. It can be used to summon help or if you’re in a more serious situation, you can relay SOS signal to the nearest rescue station.

To have someone pick you up from a fix, you can press the orange button (used instead of the crown) five times consecutively. This will activate GetMe Service on the O-Boy and send out a message to up to four contacts along with your GPS location. The RescueMe service can be activated by pressing the button on the watch eight time consecutively. This sends an SOS signal and GPS coordinates to the rescue station closest to where you are.  

Other details

In addition to the GetMe and RescueMe messages, you can also leave your loved ones with a TrackMe message. This service is activated with a long, 10 seconds press of the button and the O-Boy will send your family members with your current GPS coordinates at repeated intervals.

The O-Boy is very different from other wearables with a similar intention on the market. It does not have to be connected to a smartphone and can work standalone. The watch is shock-proof and water-resistant. On a single charge, the battery can last about seven days and send about 48 messages.