Telfar x Ugg  Winter 2021 Collection shown off

Finally, here are very nice looking Uggs. We’re not saying the boots are always ugly. We have seen a few cool pairs but this new collab with Telfar brings three pairs of boots we believe will sell fast. 

Ugg and Telfar have teamed up and is now ready to release the new Telfar x Ugg Fall Winter 2021 collection that doesn’t just include the winter shoes but also other accessories. The collection consists or boots, shopping bags, hoodies, and hats. 

Telfar x Ugg  Winter 2021 Collection  

Ugg Telfar Fall Winter 2021 Collection Images

The first pair is called the Logo Mini which can be had in either Black or Chestnut. It has the TC monogram on the heart. It is made of upcycled wool, shearling, and premium suede. 

The second set is in grey. The high boots are ready in two forms: Fleece Mini and Fleece Tall. 

Telfar x Ugg  Winter 2021 Boots Design

Telfar Ugg Winter 2021 Collection Design

The Telfar Ugg boots are now available on Telfar. UGG will release the pairs at a later date—October 18. The two brands will reveal another collection next month. 

Still not convinced about Telfar Clemens? You may want to check out the Telfar x Converse footwear and apparel collection from before.