Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light weighs only fifty-five grams

As a brand ambassador of Omega, Rory McIlroy understands that golf and mechanical wrist watches don’t really mix well. It’s almost as good as mixing oil with water! Thanks to their heavy weight, either the watch throws off the swing of the golfer, or the strong swing can affect the mechanics of the watch. Both ways, it doesn’t benefit a player to wear a heavy watch.

Using this insight, we see that Omega and Rory McIlroy have envisioned a timepiece that is quite suitable for golf and is not restricted to the game. It can be worn by any sportsperson without having to worry about the size, weight or performance of the watch. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light has been announced at the Omega European Masters, which is its key sports activity in the field of golf.

Apart from Rory McIlroy, some of the golfers participating in the Omega European Masters will be sporting the timepiece during practice sessions, showing off its capabilities. Although the Seamaster Aqua Terra has been associated with golf and we know that Sergio Garcia and Rory McIlroy have their own watches, but it’s never been endorsed directly as a timepiece that you could wear to the driving range.

The Makings of a Super Ultra Light Watch

I appreciate the fact that Omega is looking at making golfers wear a truly mechanical timepiece at tee-off. This new edition weighs a mere fifty-five grams and is crafted from exclusive materials. The one thing that you will notice is that Omega has used less materials for the dial, which has contributed quite significantly in getting the weight down.

Apart from this, the watch doesn’t host a date display, which also brings down the weight. Omega has used ceramized titanium and Gamma Titanium in the construction of the watch. For the first time we see the caseback, case and crown made from the alloy Gamma Titanium.

Sporting The Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light

The design of this watch is not a typical Seamaster Aqua Terra, which takes its cues from the very first Seamaster 300 (1957). The original boasted of lyre lugs and broad arrow hands. Keeping with the modified form, the new Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light features an ergonomic design and replaces the large crown with a more distinct one.

Omega has employed a smart methodology for using the crown; you simply push the crown and it pops up for you to use it. Once you have made the adjustments to the time, you need to push the telescopic crown back into the case. As simple as that.

Getting back to the use of Gamma Titanium (a material used in the aeronautical industry), this material is lighter than the typical titanium we see. However, it is harder and thus supports the rigors of the sport. A lightweight watch is less susceptible to damage and scratches.  

Under the hood is an in-house developed caliber 8928 movement crafted from titanium. This is another first for Omega. The intention of course, is to make the watch as lightweight as possible for a good and easy game of golf. Other details include Master Chronometer certified, 72-hours power reserve and water resistance of 150 meters.

The manual wound movement takes its cues from the 8900 caliber series, and uses ceramized titanium for its bridges and main plate. Designed in three color options, the watch has a matte titanium case and dial, however the accents on the dial and the second hand come in red, green and blue variations.

Teamed with a rubber strap and a fabric strap, The Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light is not a limited edition and carries the price tag of $48,600.