RTFKT designs stunning sneaker inspired by 2021 Lexus IS sedan

It’s a fact – men love cars and their sneakers too. So RTFKT went a step ahead and created the sneaker you would want to push against the pedal of your 2021 Lexus IS sport sedan.

Yes, that’s right, this cool silhouette is for a serious sneakerhead who happens to own the recently unveiled luxury sedan. It’s the result of a collaboration between RTFKT creative collective and Lexus – venturing out to find out what this niche partnership would bring to the fore.

As per Vinay Shahani, vice president of Lexus marketing, “RTFKT put the same passion into developing this one-of-a-kind shoe that we did in developing the new 2021 Lexus IS.”

Bold, attractive Lexus IS sneaker

The shoe borrows its bold look, athletic character, and slim profile from the S 350 F Sport Dynamic Handling Package. The car’s color theme, sharp headlight design, and carbon fiber spoiler – all evoke a sense of speed and dynamism.

It’s not surprising that the 2021 Lexus IS sneaker is partly made out of vehicle material, and according to Chris Le, creative director and co-founder of RTFKT, they deliberately wanted to have that instant association of the sneaker with the IS at first glance. Chris said, “All the intricate design elements come together, and at a first glance it’s a neckbreaker.”     

The design intricacies

RTFKT started off with the sole, which is strikingly close to the treads of the tire of the sedan. Then they moved on to the front part of the sneaker that bears the elements of the signature spindle grille. On the sides, there is clear inspiration from the light gray stitching on the seats and the middle silver stripe that looks like the headlights.

To complete the look, they added the F SPORT logo on the sides and the Lexus badging covering the Velcro strap. The vibrant blue hue of the pair, resembling the brand new Grecian Water color of the Lexus, is so attractive you want to own it right away!