Orbitkey Desk Mat ensures everything on the desk has a definite place

Having everything properly organized on the desk at home was one of the biggest challenges many working from home individual’s (including me) have faced in this pandemic year. Thankfully now there is a desk mat that proposes to make organization a little easier.

Unlike the ordinary options available on the market already, the Orbitkey Desk Mat made it through crowdfunding with flying colors, simply for how convenient it makes organizing paper notes and cables on the work desk whether it be in the office or at home.

Messy desks no more

A messy desk is distracting, it lowers efficiency, and hinders the person’s creativity. If your desk looks disorganized, it’s fitting to invest in an Orbitkey Desk Mat that can be crucial in ensuring everything on the desk has a place and your workflow is unhampered.

The nifty accessory comes with many built-in organizational features, which makes this possible. For instance, there is a place underneath the top layering to keep documents and notes securely. Additionally, the mat has an interesting toolbar running across its top section, which is a dedicated space to keep pens, markers, and other items that may otherwise roll around on the desk.

Also, the mat comes with a magnetic cable holder (can be placed anywhere in the toolbar) to help hold the cables in place, yet keeping them well in reach. The holder, a customer says “stick well enough that they can’t be dislodged by accident.”

The construction and availability

The mat is made from a combination of premium vegan leather (top layer) and recycled PET felt on the bottom that bring a touch of environmental-friendliness to the space. The top layer is water repellent, and if you were thinking otherwise, it can be used as a mouse pad and smooth writing surface.

Orbitkey Desk Mat comes in two medium (686 x 373 x 4.9mm) and large (896 x 423 x 4.9mm) sizes in choice of black or gray colors. Starting at $65, this mat may be an expensive bet, but considering its utility and durability it’s worth giving a go.