Outside Van’s Tails camper van is mobile workshop for bikers

Bigger adventures often start beyond the roads. But that’s where the average camper vans fail and you’re left on foot to explore the great wilderness. Now, think you – even your companions – can tag your bikes along on the journey to use them in the trails beyond the tarmac.

Portland-based Outside Van’s Tails is made for cyclists and those non-bikerswho would have wanted it as a solution. The Tails here is a feature-packed camper van with not one, not two, but the capacity of carrying six bicycles on an adventure.

The Tails

The Tails can carry four bikes tethered to the utility ladders on the outside, and the gear glider inside can hold two more cycles. This ensures that not only you, but even your partners on the camper van can have their cycles along for when the adventures take you beyond the drivable road.

Designed with cyclists in mind who travel by campers to a location in the backcountry and then want to ride the trails to the remotest setting possible. The camper van is based on a 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 and, as said, holds up to six bikes; on the inside and outside.

Storying beyond the cramped vans that do not allow much room for anything other than the onboard living features, the Outside Van’s Tails is the ultimate mobile bike mechanic station.

A drivable bike workshop

The Tails camper van is not just about holding cycles, it is a little more for the passionate cyclists. The van comes with several handy features like the back door that flips down to form a worktable, an ARB air compressor with multiple attachment sites, a garage gear glider, and custom tool rolls to mention a few.

The camper is not about cycling either, it is packed with a kitchen with a microwave, 130L fridge, and sink. There are overhead storage cabinets while a 20-gallon fresh water tank caters to the water requirements.

Energy needs are fulfilled by Lithionics power system offering 945Ah of power. It is paired with 2,000W inverter, while 140W Zamp rooftop solar panel offers additional backup. Along with these and other features onboard such as a compost toilet, ample sleeping solution, and even with options to customize the camper; Outside Van is expected to launch the Tails soon.