Pac-Man multiplayer game launched on Facebook Gaming

Pac-Man is a religion in itself when it comes to gaming – paving way for all the engaging arcade games we see in the current day. The unbeatable nostalgia is making a comeback in modern times, thanks to Facebook Gaming. They’ve developed the engaging title in collaboration with Genvid who specializes in interactive livestream experiences and of course Bandai Namco Entertainment.  

The classic arcade game dubbed Pac-Man Community will land on Facebook Gaming with loads of new features and of course the multiplayer element to keep the players engaged. So, get ready to gobble fruits and chase ghosts as you can explore the new big arcade gaming phenomenon on Facebook Gaming right away. 

Play with streamers

The multiplayer element of the game is accompanied by the maze-running arcade character and the three main elements – Play, Watch and Connect. The player can engross in gameplay with the favorite streamers live without even downloading or installing the game courtesy of the Play Streamer feature.

This brings in a more competitive spirit to the table knowing how players can play together and beat the hell out of each other for the top ranks without ever getting bored. The multiplayer co-op game allows one to play with up to three friends to survive together while still competing for a high score.

Create your own levels

There are plenty of options like the classic version or the ability to create own levels with the creator tools – something similar to the Mario Maker. If you join a created level, you can watch the creator play the game using the Watch tab, with the all-new Facebook Interactives in beta. To get into the action you can interact with the video player to take control of the character or the ghosts from the AI.

The Pac-Man Community is targeting the trending social gaming theme, something like the Twitch streams. Nothing better than to do it with a game that’s brought together young geeks in the yesteryears. The Pac-Man Community game is available for free on desktop and mobile versions on the Facebook app.