Parkit Voyager is an outdoor chair you always wanted but never had

The good old lawn chair hasn’t seen much innovation other than the gravity chair adoptions. So, what can make a lawn chair stand out from the rest? Some out-of-the-box thinking and features that add value to its inherent function, that is to sit.

Parkit Voyager ticks all the boxes when it comes to taking the leap beyond the usual function of a lawn chair. You wouldn’t bet your money on a lawn chair to accompany you on camping, adventure or hiking trips, but Voyager makes you think otherwise. 

Voyager breaks the norms of what a lawn chair should be

The chair is essentially a 3-in-one offering as comes with an integrated cooler section underneath and it folds to sit on your back for easy portability. In fact the chair can be folded in three configurations depending on your needs. You can therefore carry it as a backpack, over the shoulder or across the body satchel.  

The cooler stores ice and keeps your beverage chilled for up to eight hours. It also has additional pockets that can be used to store personal belongings and can be detached for use. There’s a cup holder too which can be placed on the left or right-hand side of the chair.

Versatile and comfortable design

Voyager is crafted on a foundation strengthened by Aircraft-grade aluminum which lends it incomparable durability and resilience. For structural strength, the body of the chair is constructed from 60mm woven polyester fabric webbing which doesn’t lose its color or strength when exposed to sunlight. Also, it is very soft to touch and provides utmost comfort to the user.  

Given the design, flexibility of use and added perks, it comes as no surprise that Voyager was funded on Kickstarter in just four hours. It can be pre-booked on the crowd-funding platform for as low as $149 right away and the retail pricing is expected to be around $190. So, if you like this cool chair, now’s the time to get it.