Patricia Anastassiadis designs ‘Edition 2020’ furniture collection for Artefacto

In her third straight furniture collection for Miami-based Artefacto, Brazilian architect and product designer Patricia Anastassiadis has taken cues from Japanese minimalism.

Patricia has been designing furniture collections for Miami’s undisputed A-to-Z luxury showroom since 2018. This new annual collection is called the Edition 2020 and it draws some parallels with works of renowned artist Jean Arp.

The collection

The Edition 2020 comprises two dining tables, two sofa, a chaise lounge, a side table and a pair of coffee tables. Japanese minimalism is at the heart of each furniture piece which exuded through the texture, color and shape.

Talking about color, an orange modular sofa with geometric cushions in combination colors is the only vibrant piece in Patrcia’s assortment. All the other items wear a very subtle hue.

The sofa modules can be easily separated if you want an individual seat or can be combined together when need be. The other sofa unit called Greta can also be used in multiple ways.  

The highlight

Influenced by sculptor Jean Arp’s works that employed abstract human forms, the Arp Chaise is a tribute to the ace abstract artist. The chaise lounge with its bulbous design is also the highlight of the Edition 2020.

The design and construction allow the Arp to change form with human posture to contour with the body for utmost comfort. The thoughtfully designed collection will be available in Artefacto’s Aventura, Coral Gables and Doral showrooms in Miami.