Mighty Carver Electric Knife is a mini chainsaw for that turkey

Thanksgiving is over. Most of you may still be full of all the turkey you ate. You promised not to eat too much but you had a hard time cooking and carving the turkey. Maybe next year, it will be easier because you know, there are tools that can make all the work easier.

Some of you may have probably seen something similar but haven’t really gotten to buying or using one. Since it’s Black Friday, maybe it’s time that you dig in and get a special carving set for use next year. If you’re not interested, you can just check this one and give your loved ones a chainsaw-style electric knife.

Turkey Chainsaw Massacre—Not!

This is for real. It looks like a chainsaw but it really is just a knife. It has that scary-but-quirky twist both dad and mom would love. The chainsaw design makes any man feel more macho like a lumberjack. Any woman who spends hours in the kitchen can then heave a sigh of relief because finally, someone will be able to carve the turkey properly.

There are plenty of turkey-carving tools in the market but not many can be reliable. Take things up a notch. Get a chainsaw like this Mighty Carver by Lankim. Remember, this can’t saw through a log—just a turkey.

Thanksgiving Can Be Better Next Year

If Thanksgiving is over, there’s still Christmas where you can serve turkey or maybe reserve it for next year. The fate of the holiday bird is looking not so good, eh?

The Mighty Carver Chainsaw is designed ergonomically. The handle allows for perfect control while the stainless-steel blades promise precision to cut through not just turkey or chicken but almost anything. But no, we don’t want you trying this anytime or on anyone—again, just on a turkey.

The dishwasher-safe electric carve is easy to use. Simply plug on and move the knife through the turkey meat. Don’t use it as if you would a chainsaw, cut through in a regular manner. If not in use, unplug the device. And oh, be careful. The blades are really sharp.

The Mighty Carver Chainsaw is also ideal for slicing other food like meats, loaves of bread, pineapples, tomatoes, melons, and potatoes. Use a plastic guard when holding the knife. Do everything to keep this knife away from people.

This Mighty Carver Chainsaw is available on its website, Amazon, and The Grommet. The price tag reads $59.95. Not bad.