Philips Pasta Maker churns out fresh gluten-free pasta in minutes

As coronavirus lockdown has pinned virtually everyone down in their homes, it’s perhaps time to give your creativity some wings. One way to do that and also beat the stress of being indoors, is cooking. You can prepare recipes like pasta or noodles in your kitchen to make good use of this time.

Talking about pasta and noodles, won’t it be more fun to make fresh gluten-free pasta or noodles the way you like? The option to prepare spaghetti, penne, fettuccine, lasagne, ramen shells or macaroni from your preferred flour? 

Philips Pasta Maker

Meet the Philips Pasta Maker which makes fresh pasta and noodles at the touch of a button without any hassles. Just put a preferred flour and additional flavors in the machine and voila, your pasta is ready to be cooked the way you like it.

Put flour and salt in the upper section and the Auto-Weighting Technology tells you the amount of water needed for that perfect texture and flavor. The machine churns out four different shapes of pasta and noodles like ravioli, lasagne, dumplings, and penne. Yes, it does it with interchangeable disks, ensuring you are always prepared to meet your family’s pasta cravings.

Bang for the buck

The pasta maker serves 5-6 servings (600 grams) of pasta in just under 10 minutes. It is ideal for small families and for those times when you have an intimate dinner party at home.

For a lucrative price of $299.95, the Philips Pasta Maker is worth the money since it makes more than simple pasta. The options to create pasta or noodles in any shape is what makes it a worthy addition to your kitchen.