Philips SleepSmart band is trusted solution to your snoring woes

People who snore during sleep can be an impending nemesis for their partners – disrupting their sleep – which can have adverse health effects. Persons who snore while sleeping on the back are the most common type that partners from around the world have reported.

Snoring can affect your own sleep cycle while sleeping too long on the back can lead to short breathiness. So how about a gadget that can help you gradually snore less? It’s definitely god-sent for your helpless partner!

Philips SleepSmart Snoring Relief Band

Typically people snore when they are lying on their back and Philips has an interesting way to solve that problem, thereby eliminating the irritating snoring woes of the person you sleep next to. The SleepSmart Snoring Relief Band makes use of intelligent vibrations to make the wearer sub-consciously sleep on the side to considerably reduce the instances of snoring.

This band is clinically proven and has the backing of many users who swear by its effectiveness in reducing snoring during sleep. The smart sensors on the band detect when you are sleeping on your back and gently prompt you to move to your side. People who’ve been using SleepSmart Relief Band say that their snoring has reduced by up to 86-percent, which is a considerable improvement.

Practical solution that actually works

Unlike other solutions that employ techniques to keep the nasal passage open, the snoring relief band adopts a more practical method. The software onboard learns the sleeping patterns to help you sleep better with time – giving you deeper insight into sleep patterns, the time you slept on your back, as well as snoring duration.  

The band can be comfortably worn around the torso and it’s ergonomically designed to not create any discomfort or nuances while sleeping. It has a built-in 30-minute timer that you can trigger after dozing off in your favorite position. This way, it will only makes subtle vibration when you are actually sleeping doesn’t activate when you are lying on your back reading a book, for instance. 

Philips SleepSmart Snoring Relief Band can be bought right away for $170 to finally let go of snoring for your own and of course your partner’s sound sleep.