Pizza Hut is serving plant-based sausage in round pizza boxes, today

The short news is that Pizza Hut is testing out plant-based sausage in round pizza boxes. In case you didn’t figure it yet, the two scoops in the story are the plant-based sausages and round pizza boxes. The limited edition pizza as well as the unique boxes are being tested today in Phoenix, Arizona.

Partnering with them for the project, Pizza Hut is going to use the Incogmeato, Kellogg’s new range of plant-based protein. We all know that protein is an essential part of our diet. It helps in building, repairing and maintaining our body. However, there are some key differences in the kind of proteins that you get from plants vs animals.

Protein from Plants vs Animals

There are nine essential amino acids found in protein, and that’s what makes it a complete protein source. Since our bodies can’t produce these essential amino acids, we need to get them from either plants or animals. The main difference between these two sources is the amino acid contents in them.

As we know, amino acids are the building blocks of protein and our body may require different amino acids at different times. Hence, its essential to balance the diet to include all nine amino acids. Animal products that are the complete sources of protein include fish, eggs, dairy, red meat, poultry etc.

However, most plant proteins are incomplete, as they lack at least one of the essential amino acids.

Foods like quinoa and buckwheat, are considered complete sources of protein. The only drawback is that it may take our bodies a little longer to digest and process some sources of plant protein.

The upside is that plant-based proteins are much healthier and pack in more nutrients and lesser calories.  

Using Incogmeato plant-based protein in a round box

The Garden Specialty Pizza is set to be topped with Incogmeato’s meatless Italian sausage and will be packed in a unique round box. As plant-based proteins require far less water and responsible for fewer emissions, Pizza Hut is hoping to score brownie points with the eco-conscious brigade, with this offering.

Moving to the round pizza boxes, which happen to use less packaging than traditional square boxes, it took the team almost two years to develop them. According to the chief customer and operations officer for Pizza Hut, Nicolas Burquier, this is “the most innovative packaging they have rolled out to date.”

This is not the first time that they have partnered, Kellogg and Pizza Hut have experimented on the Cheez-It Pizza, a dish designed to look like an oversized Cheez-It cracker.

The Garden pizza and round box is sold together for $10. Head to 3602 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018, to get your pizza pie.