Polestar O2 electric convertible has its own cinematic drone

Tesla Roadster was the last time we saw a two-seater sports car make its debut, and now Polestar has hit the headlines with its second concept. The Swedish electric automaker has introduced a zippy new roadster concept dubbed Polestar O2 – and boy it’s a charmer or what!

The car is a result of the company’s EV-only niche as a sub-brand of the Volvo group. In a lot of ways, the O2 has the design likeliness of the Polestar Precept – just look at those sharp, flowing lines and the lighting signature reminiscent of the Volvo DNA.

Autonomous aerial drone on-board

One thing that sets the car apart is its autonomous drone to film all your rememberable driving trips in cinematic view. The quadcopter developed in collaboration with Aerofugia’s consumer electronics brand Hoco Flow – follows the car in third person bird’s eye view which shoots the convertible’s classic proportions from a distance. The low and wide body shape lends it an aggressive stance, perfectly mated to the compact cabin orientation.

The drop-top Polestar O2 concept comes with the promise of rigidity in structure, excellent body control and innate dynamics thanks to the bespoke aluminium platform (allows for a bigger battery of 110-kilowatt hour even with shortened wheelbase) adapted from the upcoming Polestar 5. The roadster will have a very less carbon footprint since the different grades of aluminium are labelled for precise recycling.

Looks and styling matched with power

According to Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath the high power, high torque P10 engine developed for the Precept could feature in this roadster.  Coming on to the interior, the Polestar O2 gets the thermoplastic mono material finish courtesy of the recycled polyester for the soft interior components like seat foam, 3D knit fibers, or non-woven lamination. 

For the cinematic drone being an integral part of the Polestar O2 EV experience, the shot clips of you speeding at 100 km/hour can be watched right on the car’s 15-inch infotainment screen when parked. The clips can be edited and also shared directly from the display which is great for content creators.

The Polestar O2 could soon be a reality as the prospect of an electric car with its autonomous drone sounds very inviting. Who won’t want to see the drone slide down the rear deck to take off and follow the ride at 90 km/h?  Of course, the technology is not that hard to implement, and it could take Polestar to the top tier when it comes to the future of electric cars with their own niche.  

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  • Thomas Hill
    Posted March 4, 2022 8:11 am 0Likes

    The drone’s real job should be to see speed traps or even would-be security threats ahead, transmitting realtime video right to the car. How about electronic jamming capabilities? An autonomous drone would be difficult to prosecute.
    That’s a practical use of drones in the USA where police cars are easy to spot.

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