Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha elevates the experience a notch higher

Got everything from Porsche Design in your collection – exotic Porsche cars, memorabilia and everything else in between. Then you’re definitely a diehard Porsche fan looking for something else to satiate your lust.

Consider this Porsche Design hookah that compares to none other and is ironic in a way. Why’s that? Well, because an Italian automaker striving for speedy, most exotic set of wheels forays into something that calms one down.

Premium hookah like none other

Maybe Porsche has identified that their fan base also happens to be keen on smoking their stresses away. Thus, came to life the Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha – a hookah that’ll win you more friends that you ever imagined. It literally heights the classic hookah experience to the highest-grade.

On the bottom is an immaculately shaped hand-blown bowl consisting of dark grey glass, shaped to offer the right amount of smoke. Then the stem is made from anodized aluminum for enhanced life and a clean smoking experience.

Hookah that’ll inspire you to party harder

Going to the top you’ll notice the larger than usual tobacco head to fit in more smoke than a standard hookah. Understandably it is made from automotive grade ceramic for enhanced durability. Presence of a large windscreen helps in overburning of coal and keep the smoke constant for the duration of your smoking bliss.

More Porsche infused premium feel is present on the handheld tube that has leather with handstiching. The silicone seals also ensure the longevity of the hookah down the generations too.

Most important question is, have you got $1900 to burn on the Porsche Design’s 2.1 Shisha? Even if you have got that much money, is it the one you want to have in your collection? If the answer to all those questions is a yes, you’re without doubt a true Porsche fan at heart!