Portable ‘Nōmada Desk’ for nomadic work environment

Mexican architect Enrique Tovar has designed a portable desk called Nōmada Desk, which is perfect for creating office set up in different locations. The desk was designed earlier this year and has become quite relevant in the current working-from-home scenario amid the pandemic.

Tovar believes this desk is flawless to set up in any environment, including the outdoors. The name originates from the Latin word ‘nomadis’, which refers to the flexible nature of the design and its ability to be effortlessly carried from one place to another.

Nomadic piece of furniture

As a large part of the world population is working from home, this flexible table provides a solution to shifting work between environments. Tovar, who is founder of Etov Studio, said, “Nōmada from Latin nomadis is a nomadic piece of furniture designed as a neologism adapted to the temporality and the spatiality of new labor trends, made for flexible living, collaborative spaces, shared economies, and digital nomads.”

The desk comprises a recycled oak wood frame that comes with two pairs of legs and crossbar board, which join to form the base. A white laminated polymer block connects on top of the wood frame to make a plain work surface. 

The laminate top is designed to accommodate water-based markers that can be wiped away with a single swipe, which comes in as handy replacement to paper. There are several compartments for storage desk supplies on the right side of the table top.

Portable and unique

The legs and the boards fit into the bottom of the desk, making it easier to transport. There is a round handle placed in the front, which can be used to lift and carry the compact desk. All the joints of the desk are detachable; therefore, it can be taken apart and transported within a few minutes.

Nōmada desk is also modular, which can be fixed with other pieces of furniture. According to the architect, the desk can be organized alongside others of its type in conformations that meet the social distancing procedures suggested by the CDC.