Radinn jetboards take on the icy cold waters of majestic Norway

Radinn keeps pushing the envelope of adventure with their G2X series of electric jetboards to showcase how their surfing machines can perform in any kind of weather and water conditions. The customizable jetboards feature a base price of $10,000 and to justify that price tag, the company ventures on some epic adventures around the world.

The promotional team at Radinn invests a lot of effort, time and money into their advertising pitch, which is targeted at customers worldwide. In the past, the team has taken on some extreme adventures in the canals of Amsterdam to the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Riding the fjords of Norway

Looking to take on the extreme weather conditions of the mesmerizing landscape of Norway, Radinn put the jetboards to test, riding the sub-zero waters of the Fjords. Alexander Fuhrling, head of brand experience said that ‘they wanted to prove that their surfboards can perform in any kind of temperature, be it 95 or 10 degrees.’

As for Norway, they have been thinking of doing something in extreme cold conditions and finally it is mission accomplished in this beautiful landscape. Adding to that Mintautas Grigas, visual content director at Radinn, “Every second in the icy water was worth it though. The water was like glass, reflecting the mountains around us—it was surreal.”

G3 and G3 Pro jetboards

Radinn confirmed that they are going to reveal the latest jetacks – G3 and G3 Pro along with a new style of board this month. These new boards are also going to be controlled via the Bluetooth-enabled handheld throttle.

Their most basic jetboards with easy-to-ride options can go to a maximum speed of 25 mph and the top end variant reaches 35 mph. Also, there are two battery options that provide 35 minutes and 45 minutes of operation time on single charge.