Red Wing Shoes recreates the original Billy Boot

The Red Wing heritage is something that must be preserved. It is known for the lifestyle footwear and leather goods that are now considered classic. It’s a family-owned business that began in 1905 in Red Wing, Minessota. The company has since been known for the pride it takes in creating the premium quality leather products.

The Red Wing Shoes is known as traditional Americana footwear. Today, a pair is still used by both modern men and women but with a lot of improvements in the design. The most famous pair back in the day was the Original Billy Boot. It comes with a knife in the pocket. It was advertised as only for the “outdoor boys of America”.

Another Classic Gets a Modern Twist

The Billy Boot is getting a modern take. You know how it is in the fashion industry today, the classics are making a comeback. A more modern update is introduced in hopes the millennials will be able to appreciate the things from the past.

We’ve featured old styles being resurrected numerous times already. We particularly like the new Billy Boot because it looks very modern now. It has that classic feel and yet looks very functional and trendy.

New Billy Booth Shows Tradition and Family Heritage

The new Billy Booth #8829 is a limited edition offer by Red Wing Shoes. It’s the same brand that introduced the pair in 1925 so the design is almost a hundred years old. It was actually named after Biilly Sweasy, the son of the owner.

Believe it or not, the Red Wing Shoes is still owned by the Sweasy’s. This proves the family has kept the tradition and has upheld the product line.

Just like the original, this one comes with a small knife pocket. It’s not exclusive to boys now because anyone can wear whatever they want. Women can wear this pair of work boots too! And hello, it’s 2019 so there is no more exclusivity.

A Heritage of Quality and Craftsmanship

Red Wing Shoes still makes their shoes with passion and real craftsmanship. The 877 boots have been rebuilt using Klondlike leather in black. After some wear and tear, the color brown underneath will appear. The sole is made from Cushion Crepe Wedge while Traction Tred is for grip. The original gold and tan Taslan laces are still part of the updated Billy Boot.  

You can now avail of the limited edition Red Wing Heritage Billy Boot from different retailers. Pricing is set at $375.