Reimagined Brubaker Box could be the future of luxe minivans

Remember the out-of-box design of the 1970s Brubaker Box minivan, which was quite futuristic for that era? Originally designed by Curtis Brubaker as a fiberglass kit bolted onto the chassis of a VW Beetle, only three of them were made before the company went bankrupt.

Although, the long-forgotten minivan which was featured in Penthouse magazine still resonates in memories of classic automobile cult. Now, after more than four decades, automotive architect Samir Sadikhov has reimagined the Brubaker Box in lavish interior design with an edgy exterior that bears a striking resemblance to the Tesla Cybertruck in many aspects.

Paying homage to the original minivan  

Designer Samir has put a very keen eye to the detailing of the Brubaker Box 2020 concept having a metallic finish. The wooden bumpers and ultra-modern rims with a diamond-cut center of Brubaker Box 2020 give the minivan a bossy look.

For better views outside, the front and side windows are extended. Overall the design is very balanced and not too edgy like the Cybertruck which is way too sharp.

The luxe interiors of long-forgotten Brubaker Box

Interiors of the imagined Brubaker Box are very minimalistic and clean, giving the riders a lot of breathing space. There’s a comfortable sofa-like seating for two in the rear complemented by a television for entertainment.

Wood flooring, texturing furnishings and two sunroofs further exemplify the feeling of airiness inside the cabin. To set the lighting according to preference, Brubaker has a light strip between the sunroofs.

Samir says; ‘the objective behind the interior design was to make it as spacious as possible with modern design language, using sustainable materials such as recycled wood, fabric with different color & trims.”

Likewise, the dashboard also reflects the essence of futurism with a digital screen which will remind of Tesla’s dash in more ways than one.