Renault AIR4 flying car concept intertwines past with the future

The cult favorite Renault 4 a.k.a. 4L (Quatrelle in French) hatchback launched back in 1961 Paris Motor Show, and this year marks the 60th anniversary of the classic which eventually retired in 1990. All these years Renault has been celebrating this 600cc engine car’s success that has over eight million units sold in more than a hundred countries.

Renault has already had exclusive designs by illustrator Greg, then 3- examples on show at the Renault Classic and appearance at the Cannes International Film Festival. Now there is a future-forward concept based on the classic car which is pure bliss for flying car lovers.

AIR4 Flying Car Concept    

According to Renault, the AIR4 concept designed in collaboration with TheArsenale (A miami-based design firm) is their iteration of a future dominated by independence and freedom. The car is designed keeping in mind current traffic woes, that hamper our life in more ways than one.

The flying car crafted out of carbon fiber is powered by a 22,000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack on independent electric motors that churn out 90,000 mAh in total. The thrust of 209 pounds per propeller gives the car a lifting capacity of 840 pounds.

Flying dreams ignite the future

AIR4 has tinted windows and an X-frame with dual-blade that extends at the outer edges. The driver enters the ride by lifting the hinged shell on the rear which is quite unique and described as utilitarian by Renault. They also claim, the concept flying car tilts forward by 45 degrees angle (or more) and can reach a top speed of 58 mph. It can fly off the surface of the ground at up to a height of 700 meters.

In the above commercial by Renault UK, it is clear, the classic car can truly fly. Although we suspect AIR4 is remotely controlled from the ground for now since it needs more testing before being safe for solo human flights.

The car is destined for the Atelier Renault Museum in Paris where it will be put up on display. Thereafter the flying four-wheeler will enchant the crowds in Miami, New York, and Macau next year.