Rens Nomad waterproof shoes made from coffee grounds and recycled plastic are climate neutral

The footwear industry is treading steadily on the sole of sustainability with varied manufacturers toiling in their own way. After the success of the first shoe made from coffee and recycled plastic, Rens is back with a performance sneaker, which is sustainable to the core and durable to take you through water and tar.

Dubbed Nomad, the new Rens footwear is also made from coffee waste and recycled plastic bottles. The interesting bit here is the use of recycled polyester used to create the waterproofing membrane of the shoe.

The sustainable pair

Combining coffee waste and 100-percent waterproof protection, Rens is aiming at an ambitious performance sneaker that will, according to the company “unlock your full athletic potential.” Despite the earth-friendly construction, Nomad is designed to be durable so it can last long before eventually biodegrading; leaving no waste to clean.

The sneaker features Rens’ AquaScreen 3.0 waterproof membrane which makes this completely water-resistant shoe breathable and lighter than the others in the category. The shoe owing to these properties is ideally positioned for running, hiking and for general streetwear, in any weather conditions.

The innovation

An innovative pair of Nomad is made from 21 cups of waste coffee ground and 6 recycled bottles. In addition to sustainable material construction, the company is touting these shoes as carbon neutral. Right from production to packaging, shipping and everything in between is ensured its emission free.  

Finnish footwear company Rens has, like it did for in case of its first pair of sustainable shoes, introduced a fundraiser for the Nomad. Fans are enthusiastically backing the sustainable performance shoe and it has already surpassed its initial goal.