Respira hydroponic smart garden purifies air through biofiltration

The air in indoor spaces can be more polluted than the outsides. In efforts to keep indoor spaces fresh and healthy, Ontario-based New Earth Solutions has designed Respira – a hydroponic air purifier and smart garden. The low-energy biophilic design will purify the air and enhance the interior spaces with the natural beauty of living plants.

First-of-its-kind residential air-purifying garden, Respira is solely designed to naturally cleanse the air while bringing nature inside the home. The unit accelerates the removal of pollutants in the air and enhances the freshness of any living or working environment. The unit can be set up on the floor or even mounted on a wall.

Hydroponic air purifier

The air-purifying, hydroponic smart garden has a self-sufficient design that only requires to be filled with water every 10 days. It can be paired with different plants on the designated planting surface. The unit is manufactured using sustainably-sourced ABS plastic and comes in either white or black, with a 20W LED grow-light.

Respira also features an integrated monitor to manage water temperature, air temperature, air flow, and humidity levels. The users only need to fill the water basin every now and then, change the nutrients every six months, and wash the prefilter every two months. After the air-purifier’s initial success, Respira has opened a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next generation of smart gardens.

Smart garden

Respira optimizes the plant’s ability to remove indoor pollutants from a space through biofiltration, which is a natural form of air purification that takes place when microbes living near a plant’s roots help recirculate clean air into indoor living spaces. Respira’s purifying system captures the toxic air pollutants and an integrated fan pushes that air toward the plant roots, which cleanse the polluted air.

Air is actively pulled through the top of the unit, removing dust and large particulate matter before passing through the biologically active root zone. Microbes in the root zone capture and eliminate airborne toxins before releasing the purified air through the front of the unit. Through Respira living botanical walls, the users can feel connected to the natural world while enjoying the improved indoor air quality.