RIMOWA Holiday 2019 Collection, new iPhone cases launched

The name Rimowa has always been synonymous with luxury travel. You see those metal pieces of luggage in the airport being rolled around by stylish travelers, those are Rimowa. There may be other brands that boast the same design but more often than not, the prettier and sturdier ones are from Rimowa.

The German luggage manufacturer has been making travel cases for over a century now but it’s only recently, when LVMH (Louis Vuitton with Moët Hennessy), acquired 80% of the company, that it became more popular among the travelers.

Luggage Can Be Stylish Too

The travel industry is very big that it encompasses other businesses. The fashion arena is a huge part of travel that’s why you see a lot of travel accessories being stylized. The luggage industry is also a larger business because every passenger carries at least one piece of luggage when carry-on or for check-in.

We’ve featured a few here on dlmag. We remember the ONE luggage by JAY&EM which is a bag for smart travelers, the SIX Carry-on Bag with a push forward feature, and the carry-on and checked luggage from the very eco-friendly Brandless Travel Collection.

Rimowa iPhone Case + Leather Handles

RIMOWA is introducing new pieces the luxe traveler can choose from. But first, let’s check out the Rimowa iPhone cases available. As part of the Holiday 2019 collection, here is a new iPhone X case that boasts an iridescent hue.

The case changes its color depending on the angle of where the light hits. One moment you will see pearlescent whites switching between greens to pinks to blues. It looks silver at first glance but it really changes its colors. The Iridescent iPhone case costs $78 (€ 70).

The look of the Rimowa iPhone case is similar to a standard suitcase with the groove design. There is also the Leather Black Case for the iPhone plus the Aluminum Groove Case also made for other iPhone models. Both are priced at $100 (€90).

When you get that new Rimowa luggage, make sure you get some leather accents including handles available in different colors. The Handles Set is available for $268 (€90). We see handles in teal, yellow, salmon, blue, silver, and orange.