The James Brand’s Clovis can be the pocket knife of your dreams

Next to James Bond, here is another James to watch out for—the James Brand. This one isn’t owned by any man named James but it has Ryan Coulter for its founder. The Clovis is the first product we’re checking out from the brand.

The Clovis is a pocket knife that folds. It comes with a blade and a handle. It can also be added to a clip in a pocket or onto a keychain.

The materials used here are stainless steel, Damascus steel, carbon steel, wood, micarta, and nylon. It may look like an ordinary pocket knife but like a swiss knife, this one offers endless possibilities as described.

The Clovis’ Possibilities

You will see tanto tips, clip points, serrated edges, gut hooks, and automatic actions. The number of what it can do isn’t really infinite but it can do many things. James Brand founder knows how to use a real pocket knife. He’s been carrying on since he was a kid in Indiana.

Ryan Coulter has already designed and released different knives since 2016. His brand doesn’t come up with a lot of new products each year but focuses on a few with premium quality. There is a collection that features six knives plus some EDC essentials (everyday carry).

The James Brand’s design style is minimalist. Most of them are sleek like this Clovis. Of course, we’re also discussing premium quality here more than the design. The founder Coulter is actually an industrial designer who has already done work for Nike and Burton.

Designed From The Heart and Mind

Coulter’s background in Portland, Oregon has definitely helped him design a new knife that he knows will really work. His pocket knife is a product of his imagination because he’s been saying it needs a redesign.

The designer knows what he’s doing and talking about being a real user of a pocket know. His views on knives resulted in The Clovis which is of high-quality. The $399 price is understandable because the pocket knife is really one of a kind yet makes an impression with its 6AL4V Titanium construction, button lock with ceramic ball bearings, and a 4-inch closed length.

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  • MotorCity Schmidty
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    That price is going to have to come down
    Too many quality knives at a much lower price out there

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