Rolls-Royce Pursuit Seat is not for every man’s backside

If you drive a Rolls-Royce, you need everything around as luxurious as possible – then even if it means a chair you’d want to sit on while gazing at a lake or simply pausing to take a view midway a journey.

For an elite of this caliber, Rolls-Royce has rolled out a portable seat that marries the best of RR craftsmanship, design, and esteemed desire for luxury. The accessory is finely detailed and includes premium materials to match the lux of your car.

Immaculate construction

Dubbed Pursuit Seat, this super chic foldable chair has a frame made from aluminum. Its carbon fiber shaft durably holds the wide sitting surface, which is made from natural grain leather. The upholstery can be matched with the interiors of your car, if you so desire.

For the curious, the chair/seat, however you may like to call it, can be used in a range of situations – outdoors in the garden, by a lake, or just casually where your lifestyle takes you. According to the company, it’s “a perfect perch for flying a drone, painting a landscape, or simply pausing to take in the view.”

Use and storage

The height-adjustable Pursuit Seat features extendable ground spikes for stable grip on flat surface. For an additional benefit, you get a flashlight hidden right under the seat – you can pull it out to use when you’re resting in the dark.

The seat can collapse to be more compact and fit into its cover for easy transportation. It is by virtue designed to be stored in the “Recreation Module” of Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Priced at the whopping $8,800, Pursuit Seat shouldn’t be much if you’re already driving a Cullinan around.