Rotate provides watch kits to let you build your own mechanical timepiece

It is easy to pick a watch from the show window and brace it on your wrist. You know the brand that’s conceived it and you’re good to trust them with how it’s made, without even realizing it for yourself. There is no harm in it – perhaps that’s how the horology world has functioned for centuries. But the wind of change has been blown by a petit company called Rotate.

Rotate Watches, if give everyone who has ever fancied building his own mechanical watch, a chance to live their dream, right in the comfort of their home. The Californian company is the brainchild of watchmakers who want to offer everyone the chance of understanding and tinkering with the innards of a watch they are going to wear.

The mechanical watchmaking kit

Rotate basically provides mechanical watch kit that includes everything need to learn watchmaking and build your own mechanical watch. In the kit you get all the parts of the watch – including a pre-built movement – and tools needed to assemble and repair the watch.

Interestingly, the package also provides an assembly guide and if you’re totally novice and cannot figure out the intricacies, the Rotate team is willing to assist in putting your watch together right from placing the glow-in-the-dark hands on the movement and fix it between the caseback and the sapphire crystal before fastening the leather strap to the lugs.

The styles

Rotate offers three mechanical watch kits to choose from. These vary in style and have their own story to tell. The Wright is a classic watch with earthy tones designed to provide a sophisticated look; The Galileo with its deep blue dial is reminiscent of the cosmos; The Edison is something simple and elegant, its design is just right for any occasion.

As a user vouching for change, you still seek stability and performance. In order to provide impetus to anyone wary of committing $200 odd for a watch kit, Rotate backs each sale with a lifetime warranty and ships each unit from its facility in Los Angeles.