Royal Canadian Mint outs Diamond-shaped Coin with Real Diamond

The Royal Canadian Mint is that company that makes both circulation and collector coins in Canada. They can either be silver, gold, palladium, or platinum bullion depending on the currency or amount.

The latest is a diamond-shaped coin. It’s also our first time here to be featuring a specially-made coin here. It’s not just another collectible coin but it’s shaped differently—like a diamond. Royal Canadian Mint worked with two other groups for this special edition– Forevermark Diamonds and Crossworks Manufacturing.

Shaped Like a Diamond, Set With a Real Diamond

The coin is really shaped like a diamond with materials such as 99.999% pure silver (3 oz.) and a 0.20-carat square-cut diamond. There is a real diamond on the surface. The diamond was mined from Northern Ontario’s Victor Mine.

This coin is simply a collectible offering. It took a year to design and manufacture the diamond coin. You can get it from the Royal Canadian Mint with a premium price of $1,499 CAD which is about $1,117 in the US. The company will only mint a few hundreds of coins.

Limited-Edition Coin is Everything for a Collector

This diamond-shaped coin can still is deemed more special because the diamond used here was one of the last to be mined from Victor Mine before shutting down last 2019. A portrait by Susanna Blunt is featured on the coin of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The coin is only 50 dollars but buying it will cost you over a thousand dollars. It’s a special edition Royal Canadian Mint that’s been reinvented for avid coin collectors. Only 700 units of these are being made. If you decide to get one, you will also receive a Royal Canadian Mint certificate of authenticity.