Royal Shaving Set by Floris adds panache to your clean look

Personal grooming has evolved with time, people like using tasteful and luxury products to look their best. When it comes to adding panache to your personal grooming kit, Floris London, a famous luxury grooming product brand enjoys a royal history that dates centuries back.

A clean well-shaven look is trending and appreciated both socially and professionally. To maintain this, shaving off facial hair is a daily affair. A well-executed shave can avoid possible skin irritation, damage, and other blemishes.

To make your shaving sessions a luxury experience, Floris London has its elegant three-piece gold plated and briarwood shaving set that meets extravagant design with practical functionality.

Briarwood and gold plated shaving set

This three-piece shaving set is handmade from polished briarwood and gold-plated metal. The classic design offers you an aristocratic product on your bathroom shelve.

For a perfect shaving experience, the briarwood handle provides a firm grip and is designed to mount a Gillette Mach 3 razor. The graceful shaving brush features cruelty-free silver bristles for a smooth lather that lifts and softens the stubble for an effortless well-nourished shave.

The razor and shaving brush is accompanied by a creative 24 carat gold plated stand. You don’t have to pack your shaving equipment once done, rather you would want to display the equipment on its stand, and admire its designer work of art.   

Gift a luxury experience

Made in England, this tastefully crafted shaving set makes a thoughtful gift. It comes neatly packaged in a smart presentable box. Priced at $750, this is an excellent way to incorporate regular exfoliation into your luxurious grooming routine.

Historically, people who did not shave were considered barbarians and shaving was just marked hygienic. Today, along with being hygienic, it’s an experience that motivates you to maintain a high spirit in featuring your presence. This classic shaving equipment if maintained well can be passed on as a heritage.