Ruben Dario Residence in Mexico City is specimen of minimalist spaces

People have been adapting a clean, minimalist lifestyle amid the pandemic. Although, sanitizing the house is helpful, you do not have to strip things down to achieve a clean, comfortable appearance. Ruben Dario Residence is a specimen that shows minimalist spaces can be stylish and comfortable.

The designers at Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados have created this brilliant piece of minimal living that offers upscale luxury in a clean, cozy, and inviting apartment. The residence is located on the seventh floor of an apartment building in Polanco, Mexico City.

Artistic and inviting

The apartment has an artistic ambiance about it, with spacious areas, white walls, and several artworks displayed all around. It is a mini art gallery of the owner, housing many artworks ranging from modernist to impressionist to Renaissance era replicas, with a perfect white backdrop to display them.  

A gorgeous park view was one of the priorities of the project. The big terrace facing the park blends the outdoor with the indoor and creates a feeling of being in the park. The glass railing allows for an unhindered view of the park.

The residence

There are several open balconies around the perimeter for outdoor lounging. The difference between the interior and the exterior has been eliminated by the huge sliding glass panels in the both spaces.

The apartment has open-floor plan, with many rooms featuring glass walls for an open-air feel. A huge dining room is adjoined to the living room by picture windows on either side to fill the space with plenty of natural light.

As the emphasis of the project was on clean and neutral space, all the fixed furniture attached to the walls is painted in the same tone of white, while the rest of the furniture acts as the focal point.

For some luxurious soothing time, there is a master bathroom. Placed under a large, south-facing window, the soaking tub offers great views outside while enjoying a relaxing bath.