Safest beach destinations in Europe to visit after lockdown

The travel industry has taken a major hit amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, as many countries have started easing lockdown measures, borders will be opened as soon as the coronavirus gets slightly controlled and tourism will get back on its feet.

It is time for summer vacations, a time when people head to world destinations to relax on breathtaking beaches. Although it would probably be unwise to venture out on a beach once the lockdowns are eased, there are a few safe beaches in Europe you can think of to satiate your craving.

Preveza, Greece

Greece is one of the least affected European countries by the coronavirus and it has already implemented every precautionary and health measures in shops and restaurants. For instance, air conditioner filters are replaced after each stay and a distance of four meters is mandatory between each beach umbrella.

The main beach of Preveza, Monolithi Beach is 22 kilometers long and up to 80 meters wide. It is Europe’s longest beach. Hotels and shops of Preveza are reopening starting July 1.

Comporta, Alentejo, Portugal

Portugal has hundreds of kilometers of gorgeous beaches along its shoreline. Alentejo is one of the regions that is least affected by the pandemic, but its beaches remain deserted of late.

Comporta beach is only a few kilometers from Lisbon. It offers tourist apartments, private villas and small hotels and there have already been implemented “Safe and Clean” labels to ensure safe accommodation. Most hotels will be opened from June 15 and the rest will be open on July 1, with no quarantine demanded.

Riviera Bay Beach, Malta

Epidemic has been very limited in this island country in Southern Europe. With beautiful beaches and treasured marine life, you can relax at the Riviera Bay Beach or you can distance yourself while enjoying your stay in Gozo, which is a smaller island and perfect for nature lovers, hikers and scuba divers. Tourism activities will resume on July 1 in Malta.