Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 shows the future for automobiles

Typically when we think of Samsung, we think of TVs and smartphones. Samsung has a much broader reach than those two segments alone. At CES 2021, Samsung is talking up its new Digital Cockpit 2021. It’s an update to the Digital Cockpit first introduced at CES 2018.

Samsung says Digital Cockpit 2021 is designed to simplify communication and deliver fun on the go experiences. The solution uses a 49-inch QLED display and a sound system to make the content more immersive. Samsung says its technology allows users to enjoy a customized entertainment experience and enables them to communicate with the world around them.

Displays can be customized for various uses transforming the vehicle into an all-purpose space. The tech leverages 5G technology allowing streaming of content and data without interruption. Samsung says the tech would allow the vehicle to serve as a mobile office, allowing users to maximize productivity on the go.

Support for video conferencing and tools for editing video are integrated into the Digital Cockpit. Samsung Health is integrated into the digital cockpit providing a safe and relaxing driving environment using a new service known as Automotive Samsung Health. The system would analyze the health status of passengers before boarding and monitor stress levels.

When increased stress was noted, the vehicle could change its lighting, scent, or music to help them relax. The service would also help drivers stay alert and awake when driving by analyzing sleep patterns and the movement of eyelids. A rear center armrest with a touch-based control pad will allow passengers to manage various entertainment functions using gestures. Those controls would disappear when passengers are using them. 

The system features a Front Panoramic Display. Only the top half of the screen is exposed to prevent obstructions to the driver’s view when driving. When the vehicle is stopped, the display is placed in a more prominent position allowing passengers to enjoy their content. The driver also has a smaller 8.8-inch touchscreen LCD in the center of the steering wheel.