Victorinox Swiss Champ 2021 with Damascus steel blade is suited for everyday carry

Victorinox kick-started the year with its super-sized Swiss Champ XXL, which unleashed whopping 73 different tools. Taking a slightly subtle approach, the Swiss knife genius has now launched a smaller Swiss Champ that is more suited for everyday carry. 

Interestingly, this is not another run-of-the-mill design. Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021, as it is called, has a fresh new look with an intriguing design.

The distinct aesthetic

The highlight of this Swiss army knife is the blade made from Damascus steel, which features “Bjorkmans Twist” pattern providing the sharp-edged blade a distinct aesthetic that doesn’t make a difference in performance but stands out in the crowd.

Limited edition models are not new to Victorinox. This one however tips the scale in its favor for being the most compelling limited availability option as it’s a very distinct Swiss Champ. This distinction is instantly recognizable on the scales on either side of the multi-utility tool’s handle, where thermoplastic is replaced with black forged carbon fiber.

Perfect everyday carry

As said, Swiss Champ Damast is petit, compact and useful for everyday use. It is an adaptation of the standard Swiss Champ, therefore, it packs an array of pocket-friendly features in a form factor that is barely 3.5-inch long and 1.3-inch-thick when closed.

Being apt for everyday carry, the Swiss knife has 29 different tools onboard. Some of these in addition to the large blade with Damast steel include a screwdriver, can opener, scissors, wire cutter, ruler, wood and metal saws, Phillips screwdriver, chisel and key ring.

Despite packing in all these tools and more, the Swiss Champ Damast weighs only 184g (6.5oz). It is handcrafted and therefore only 6,000 pieces of the limited edition Swiss Champ are available for $400 each.