Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction is a sleek two-burner stove

Perhaps it’s safe to say that cooking is one of the oldest of tech that we have been using for a very long time. For a person like me, I have used my skills with the tandoor – for tandoori chicken and the oven – to bake cakes and lasagna and impress my family and friends.

With modern homes, comes modern technology, and at one point of time, I was ever so grateful for induction cook-tops, because my apartment complex didn’t have piped gas for the cooking range. I had to rely on the induction cooking hob for making my daily cooking.

Having used an induction hob for more than five years, I have come to understand the difference and limitations that a gas burner has, versus an induction cooktop.  This gives me the perfect opportunity to discuss the Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction cooktop, which has a lot more advantages over gas cooking.

Samsung Cooktop that is Portable

Designed as a slim plate with two induction burners, this cooktop gives you the liberty to cook two separate dishes at one go. Essentially, you can use one half as a cooking hob and the other as a griller.

You can even carry it to your dining table and make it the centerpiece. Live cooking station at home!

On paper this sounds good, because you typically don’t use a hob directly for grilling food. One of the most common forms of Indian cooking is roasting food – example the Indian bread called roti, and poppadum, and you can’t roast this on an induction hob directly.

A griddle is typically used on an induction hob, but on a gas flame you can roast them directly. I am curious to know if the Samsung Cooktop will be able to roast poppadum.

A Single Large Surface for Grilling

What I know for sure, is that you will be able to show-off your cooking skills on the dinner table, thanks to the portability factor. Each of the burners has nine levels of power, which means you can customize your cooking to suit your needs.

Induction cookers are far more efficient and cook the meal speedily. They offer convenience, control, and safety, making them a better option over gas burners, especially in modern homes. Keep a look out for this two-burner stove from Samsung, with settings like boil, sauté, and grill.