Saudi Arabia’s Sky Museum to fly over archaeological attractions in AlUla

Saudi Arabia is going to launch the world’s first flying museum, which will fly from Riyadh to AlUla on November 4. The plane journey will highlight the archaeological attractions between the capital and the ancient city.   

The ‘Sky Museum’ is a collective venture between the Royal Commission for AlUla and Saudi Arabian Airlines, Suadia. It aims to display the rich culture of AlUla, one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula, and endorse it as an international tourist destination.

Museum in the Sky

First of its kind, the flying museum will kick off on Thursday, where chosen replica pieces of artifacts that have been discovered over the years in the archaeological sites of AlUla will be exhibited. Saudia will launch a new in-flight entertainment system during the trip, called “Experience Saudi Arabia,” where travelers can watch Discovery Channel documentary “The Architects of Ancient Arabia.”

Director of Antiquities and Heritage Research, Dr. Rebecca Foote will offer a brief introduction on the documentary during the trip. She will also explain the displayed artifact replicas and answer queries from travelers. Emphasizing the importance of this venture, she said: “There is a major load of work ongoing in AlUla by local and international archeologists, and yet we are just beginning to understand the complicated nature of AlUla’s past. AlUla is a hidden gem in the Arabian Peninsula, and we are slowly discovering its secrets.”

Highlighting Archaeological Sites

The flying museum is set to focus on the archaeological importance of AlUla, which is believed to be the “biggest archaeological program” currently in existence on the planet. According to Philip Jones, the commission’s chief destination marketing officer, the project will offer educational and entertaining knowledge about AlUla’s history to visitors in the coming months.

The ancient city offers a variety of year-round and seasonal activities to welcome local and international tourists. The museum in the sky will also offer stunning views of the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Saudi Kingdom, called Hegra. Passengers aboard can book some of the first tickets to the new Hegra After Dark experience.