Secluded cabins you wouldn’t mind being quarantined in

As people are being quarantined to curb the spread, life has come to a standstill amid the coronavirus pandemic. If you are going to be self-quarantined or self-isolated, isn’t it better to be stuck in some place cozy and remote.

There are some secluded and very charming cabins that you would feel lucky to be stuck in right now. With idyllic settings, unique architecture, and cozy interiors, you’d wish to be stuck in these cabins, while enjoying beauty and serenity of nature.


Melissa and Jake Brillhart built the Brillhut cabin in their backyard in Miami. This 600 square foot cabin was then packed down flat, shipped to the Bahamas, and reassembled on the Eleuthera Island. Made of fiberglass and insulated foam panels, the cabin features walls that open on each side.

It features a number of elements and space serves multiple purposes, including a pulley system of ropes and sheaves on the cabin’s outside to lift the panels and create a makeshift covered deck.

The McGovern Residence

Built in 1970s, the cabin sits in Tucannon, Washington, four hours east of Seattle. It was constructed during the back-to-the-land movement. The cabin was restored back to its glory by McGoverns’ grandson, Sven Holt, to host events and overnight stays.

The cabin has all the amenities to have a comfortable time while being isolated from the rest of the world. Nestled in natural beauty, this property features a root cellar and a potting shed as well.

Sky Den

The Sky Den was built in northeastern England. The cabin is composed of three different shapes that each blend together the best of outdoors and indoors. It has a roof that cracks open mechanically to expose the area’s brilliant skies.

Comprising three different shapes: the triangle at the top has a loft space, fit with two beds; the square underneath features the main living quarters, a kitchen, foldaway furniture, and a mudroom; right behind the stairs, there is a cylinder that is meant for sit and admire the moorlands outside.