Segway S-Pod self-balancing chair debuts at the CES 2020

Segway hasn’t been mentioned here but it’s about time we give our attention to it and its many electric products. The company has been around for two decades now. It first became popular for its two-wheeled personal transporter but it now has a strong line up of products.

A subsidiary of Ninebot since 2015, Segway has about a dozen of products. Most of them are self-balancing scooters. A new unit has been shown off at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas and it’s something that will remind you of the hoverchair from the movie Wall-E.

Segway Makes a Stroller, Wheelchair for Adults

Officially called as the S-Pod, this Segway-Ninebot two-wheeler vehicle is like a stroller for adults. It allows you to just sit and relax as you cruise airports, theme parks, or schools. Simply put, it’s more of a high-tech wheelchair.

The S-Pod makes use of the self-balancing technology like any Segway. What’s different though is that it can only be controlled by a joystick on the right side of the S-Pod. No need to lean forward, to the sides, or backward to control the S-Pod because a simple click of a button is enough.

Self-Balancing Technology is Still Key

Segway’s balancing technology will keep this special chair level. It also comes with two wheels so you can easily turn and change directions.

While it reminds us of Wall-E, the Segway team said it was actually inspired by the gyrosphere featured in the movie ‘Jurassic World’. So it still is from a movie.

The Segway S-Pod features an open-air design so we still think this is a hoverchair—only it isn’t flying. Believe it or not, its speed is 24mph. It will be launched in the third quarter of this year (Q3 2020). The market release will be next year 2021. No word on pricing, unfortunately.

If you happen to be at the CES, check out Segway-Ninebot’s newest electric vehicles. You can try them out. See for yourself what new moped or e-scooter is right for you.