Sinn U1 DS watch has grinding dial, German submarine steel case

Frankfurt-based watchmaker Sinn made a surprising move in 2020 with the Modell 936 bicompax chronograph that won the Red Dot Design Award for the year. Powered by caliber SZ05 movement touting magnetic field protection to 80,000 A/m, the watch’s mainstay was the dial that focused on clarity and readability.

The watch manufacturer’s bent for clear and readable dials is extended further to its new diver’s watch, Sinn U1 DS, which features a special grinding dial, that’s raw yet attractive without being intrusive at all. The modern and utilitarian watch is not just about the dial, it also has a case and bracelet boasting native German material.

Sinn U1 DS

Sinn U1 DS has a larger 44mm case made from seawater-resistant German Submarine Steel, which is non-magnetic material also comprising the crown, pusher and the bracelet of the watch. The case and the diver’s bezel of the U1 DS are strengthened with TEGIMENT technology, deeming them completely scratch-resistant for usage outside of the marine world.

The USP of the Sinn’s diver watch still remains its decorative dial, which is especially grinded for an irregular yet decorative pattern. The irregularity on the base of the dial creates an “exciting play of colors” with different “parts of the dial reflecting different nuances of light.”

The dial has a metal color and rough surface, which the company believes will lure diver watch enthusiasts for its unique, raw vibe. The rawness of the dial achieved in the machining process is unique to each unit, which makes each Sinn U1 DS watch slightly different from the other.

More details

The main idea behind the not so peppy watch is to give users something less technically to wear. The dial is uncooked yet it keeps the watch easy to read with the date window placed at 3 o’clock and rest of the real estate is completely clean.

Sinn U1 DS draws power from its SW 200 automatic movement offering 38-hour power reserve. The unidirectional, diver’s bezel with engraved 60-minute scale and the crown at 4 o’clock complete the look on the front.

The watch with its exciting grinding dial is limited to only 500 pieces. Water-resistant up to 1,000m, it will be available starting May 2021 for €2200 (approx. $2600) with leather strap and €2500 ($3000) on stainless steel bracelet.

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