Vacheron Constantin Tempo is a double-sided watch with 24 complications

The all new Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Grand Complication Split-Seconds Chronograph Tempo is a watch orchestrated with 24 complications, making it one of the most complicated you’ll find.

Taking about complexity, Vacheron Constantin is not new to the trade. The watchmaker has made headlines with the Vacheron Constantin ref. 57260, touted the most complicated watch in the world with 57 complications.

It’s not just the numerous complications on the Tempo that sets it apart in the league. It is its unique double-sided display, which is accompanied by a specially designed strap that makes it possible to wear the watch on either side on a given day.

The innovative dial

Featuring slate gray dials with sunray and guilloché finishes around the circumference and cased in 18k pink gold 50 mm cases (on either side), the watch measures 21 mm thick.

As mentioned, the watch comprises 24 complications powered by the company’s own caliber 2756 with almost 1,163 parts, which provides the watch with up to 65 hour power reserve. Designed by a team of seasoned artisans over five years, the Tempo is a stylish double-sided watch.

The front dial displays time, chronograph and perpetual calendar (date, day, month and leap year). The other side displays astronomical functions such as solar time, equation time, day and night time, sunrise and sunset times, and also the age and phases of the moon. To make it more exciting, the Tempo also has a tourbillon regulator and a minute repeater.

The ingenious strap and more

The rose gold case of the Tempo is paired with brown alligator leather strap featuring square scales to complete the unique appeal. The removable strap attachment system makes is possible to reverse the dial and wear the watch on either side, depending on the movement you want to support on your wrist on the given day.

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Grand Complication Split-Seconds Chronograph Tempo is a unique piece and its price is available on request.