Sonos Roam: Brand’s smallest, versatile, and most affordable portable speaker yet

Sonos is adding a portable sound speaker called Roam to its collection. Roam is the smallest and the most versatile portable speakers from the brand, for it can be used as part of the Sonos audio system at home and as an easy to carry along speaker outside.

That sounds interesting already, but if you are someone who often keeps out for discounts on Sonos products yet hasn’t had a chance to own one; the Sonos Roam, offered as the most affordable speaker from the company, is your best bet to bring Sonos experience to wherever you are. 

Portable and affordable

The 6.61-inch Sonos Roam weighs 0.95 pounds; it can be carried anywhere you go and connected over Bluetooth while traveling. When you return, the Roam can instantly switch to Wi-Fi mode and become part of the home’s wired Sonos system on a push of a button.

Frankly, the Roam is not the first portable Sonos speaker. You’d know this if you’re a Sonos enthusiast – the company had launched slightly expensive Sonos Move back in 2019. The newly launched Roam is not only smaller and more portable, at only $169 it is even more affordable.

Very versatile

The Bluetooth speaker works with the Sonos mobile app using which it can be connected to multiple streaming services. The Roam is also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Airplay 2 for streaming. It offers enriching audio despite its small form factor, which is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance.

The Sonos Roam is not just versatile in connectivity and performance, the usability is adaptable as well. The speaker can be used in both horizontally or vertically orientations without compromising audio. It can be wirelessly charged using a separately sold Qi wireless pad, though a USB-C cable is provided in the box for wired charging.

Roam is likely to go on sale for $169 starting April 20, though Sonos is already accepting pre-orders for this speaker that comes in black and white colors.