Stagg XF pour-over set consistently brews a perfect cup of coffee

Over the years, pour-over-brewers have become commonplace around the coffee world. An explosion in popularity has made the pour-over drippers easily available in diverse shapes, sizes, and filter materials. Despite so much of variety, Fellow has managed to reinvent the wheel with Stagg XF pour-over set that does a pretty decent job of making a cup of coffee.

Designed for coffee lovers who want a quick and easy way to brew a great cup of coffee. The Stagg XF stainless steel dripper with steeper interior slope ensures higher extraction, comes with a ratio aid to measure the right amount of your favorite coffee.  

Little effort, whole lot of flavor

Stagg XF with a taller column dripper requires little effort and intervention from a person. The Stagg XF set includes a 20oz double-walled and vacuum-sealed borosilicate glass carafe which maintains temperature of brewed coffee throughout the brewing process and while serving.

Remove the ratio measurer and place the dripper on your favorite cup or a provided carafe (to prepare two cups). Mount the filter and using a special funnel, fill the grounded beans in the dripper. Instead of filling up the dripper with water to the brim, pour it down slowly, allowing the water to have longer contact with coarsely-ground beans.

Remove and enjoy

It should ideally take about two minutes for the ground coffee to strain the water and give you a consistently brewed cup. If the brewing is slower, prefer coarser grind size, or vice versa.

When all the water has passed through the filter, you can remove the dripper and enjoy. Cleanup is simply. Put the coffee grounds in trash/compost, rinse other parts. The $99 Stagg XF pour-over set is completely dishwasher safe. The set includes a pack of 30 filters.